7 things you didn't know about Gordon Ramsay

When people think of Gordon Ramsay, they often think of a foul-mouthed and angry chef that happens to be incredibly talented. He definitely has a polarising personality that either makes you love or hate him. Despite what you think about him, there’s no denying that he is one of the most world-renowned chefs out there with an instantly recognisable face and name. Strangely enough, there is more to this multi-Michelin starred chef than meets the eye. Gordon Ramsay has so much hidden under the pu

Have podcasts surpassed radio?

Radio has been around for hundreds of years but only began broadcasting to people in the 1920s. It was an incredibly powerful tool that allowed organisations and governments to reach the masses quickly. Radio kept the public up to date with live events happening across the world whilst building up morale and keeping people entertained through tough times. It’s hard to deny the impact and importance that radio has had throughout history, but the medium has found a new rival with podcasts within

Weird but wonderful collaborations within the fashion industry

The world of fashion is celebrated for its bold choices and has become one of the biggest ways for people to express themselves. Fashion has the power to convey someone’s personality or mood without them ever having to communicate. It’s because of this that fashion is unavoidable in everyday life and is a powerful tool for many. Members of the public often see the latest designer trends and are confused by the abstractness of the fashion industry without realising that it’s a way of making a bo

The best celebrity adverts of all time

There is no magical formula for making a great advert – sometimes it just all comes together. No one could’ve predicted that a gorilla playing the drums to a Phil Collins song would be an iconic advert remembered decades later. For some bizarre reason, it works and continues to be one of the greatest adverts of all time. A great advert needs to be memorable, all whilst resonating with the audience by delivering a personal message and something that rings true to audiences. What better way to do

5 brands that tried way too hard to be cool

It can be extremely difficult for brands to deliver something that ticks all the right boxes. Sometimes, big brands can even tarnish their names through advertising fails. Whether by being sexist, tone-deaf or racist, many brands end up ruining their reputations through terrible marketing campaigns. Unfortunately, these brands desperately try to be cool amongst the masses but often fail spectacularly. From the infamous Pepsi advert with Kendall Jenner to the cringe-worthy Peleton advertisement,

5 ways to celebrate St Patrick’s Day this year

St. Patrick’s Day is literally around the corner and it’s time to prepare for the celebration. It may come as a surprise but Saint Patrick was actually a real person and the Irish religious holiday is all about celebrating his life and all he brought to Ireland culture. Born in Roman Britain, Saint Patrick was brought over to Ireland as a slave and is credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland. People all across the world celebrate St. Patrick’s Day to honour his legacy and bring good luck

7 things you didn’t know about Jimi Hendrix

Widely considered as one of the most iconic musicians of the 20th century, Jimi Hendrix sadly passed away just as his career was really kicking off. Despite his career ending prematurely at the age of 27 on September 18th 1970, Hendrix left a long-lasting legacy that has inspired and influenced many across the world. Born in Seattle on November 27, 1942, Hendrix had always had a passion for music, he even snuck to the top of a nearby hill just to watch Elvis Presley perform in 1957. His first i

The weirdest lucky charms in gambling

Lady Luck may come to the table with these weird but wonderful lucky charms Gamblers across the world know that it’s all about luck and chance. Naturally, this leads to many superstitions and lucky charms to try and maximise their chances of winning. Sometimes these charms are expected, but often these are bizarre items that can cause many heads to turn. Amazingly, psychologists have proven that good-luck charms actually work psychologically to improve people’s performance. Perhaps this is due

Weird Collaborations Within the World of Fashion

Weird Collaborations Within the World of Fashion Fashion is a form of self-expression and is notorious for bizarre and brilliant creations. The outfits often showcased are abstract and cause a stir for being unwearable. Of course, fashion in this regard isn’t supposed to be wearable but instead, be used as a way to make a bold statement. Sometimes fashion collaborates with different organisations outside of the fashion industry which causes a stir. When two different worlds collide, there are

Best Places to rent clothes online

We’re living in a time where it’s trendy to support ethical fashion ideas – which is amazing. More people than ever want to try and save what’s left of our planet and create a better world for everyone by living more sustainably. Of course, people are buying recycled clothing and upcycling older clothes instead of supporting fast fashion…but what about for special occasions? Instead of buying a dress once and never wearing it again, why not rent your outfit. It’ll be a cheaper and better altern

5 Reasons To Check Out Team Body Project

Team Body Project is a company that focuses on real workouts for real people delivering real results. It’s run by a husband and wife duo, Daniel and Alexandra Bartlett, who focus on low impact, high intensity workouts on their YouTube channel and brand. They make working out fun and give you something different to do in lockdown. Here are five reasons you should watch Team Body Project. Lockdown has been hard and no one has infinite motivation. Working out seems like an impossible tasks, but h

Life lessons learnt from Gilmore Girls

Focused on an awesome mother-daughter duo, Gilmore Girls is a show that has impacted so many. From it’s fast-paced dialogue to the heart-breaking moments, it’s a show that’ll life on forever. It’s amazing to think of all the incredible gifts the show gave us, so we had to narrow it down to five. Here are five life lessons learnt from Gilmore Girls. Sure, Rory has many romances throughout the show – but they don’t define her. Gilmore Girls is not about finding a soulmate, it’s about Rory realis

Celebs with a soft spot for gambling

With all the money in the world, of course celebrities would try their hand at gambling Celebrities are elusive creatures that are often shrouded in mystery and secrecy. It’s strange to see them on TV and in movies, but we still barely know anything about them and what they like to do in their spare time. It should be no shock to anyone that many luxurious celebrities spend their money on gambling to try and increase their earnings even more. Everyone loves the excitement of gambling and the s

Life lessons learnt from Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Alongside the iconic fashion of Buffy Summers, the hit show taught many a lot more than you’d think. Of course, the show taught women how to kick ass, but also more sombre lessons. Here are 5 life lessons learnt from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. YOU ARE STRONG ENOUGH ALONE After Buffy and Angel break up, she worries that she’s not strong enough to face the horrors of the world. Buffy manages to face them as well as the newly ruthless Angel. It just goes go show that you are always strong enough

5 entertaining drag shows to watch (other than RDR)

RuPaul’s Drag Race has dominated the drag genre on TV but it’s not the only good show worth watching. From TLC to Channel 4, there are so many different shows to get your drag fix. Here are five drag shows that you can watch. Hosted on TLC and starring Drag Race Alumni: Alexis Michelle, BeBe Zahara Benet, Jujubee and Thorgy Thor. Four drag queens help an engaged woman to plan her upcoming wedding by giving her fashion advice and helping her to feel confident. Sure it’s cheesy but it’s full of

The most famous songs inspired by gambling

When the popularity of gambling, it’s no surprise that singers want to include it in their songs! Music is often inspired by common things such as love, heartbreak and general emotions experienced. As these emotions can be fickle and completely left to chance, it makes sense that gambling influences certain songs as well. Most people gamble with their emotions on a daily basis so it’s logical for a collaboration between emotion and gambling. Whilst gambling can traditionally involve online slo

Podcast by women you should check out

Podcasts are a great way to feel better about yourself and listen to problems that you can relate to. Of course, the GIRLS IRL podcast is highly recommended and make sure you listen to it here. However, if you’ve listened to all of our episodes, we have some more recommendations for your podcast lovers. Here are just a few that you should check out. Michelle Williams and her friends let it all out as they reveal their mental health experiences such as with depression and anxiety. Hosted by Wil

How to Avoid Toxic Positivity

It’s always nice to be given a positive mantra and to try and uplift you – but it’s okay not to be okay. You shouldn’t have to always pretend that everything is fine or force yourself to be happy all the time, because that isn’t real. Toxic positivity is the assumption that someone should be happy no matter what the circumstances, and that you should have a positive mindset. Sadly, it’s not just a rare thing and can come in many different forms. It can be a friend who chooses to express frustra

Stop asking women when they’re going to have children

It’s officially time to stop asking women when they are going to have a baby and start a family. Women are no longer just for breeding and they have the choice whether they want to procreate. 2021 will be the year that people stop asking this silly question. NOT ALL WOMEN CAN For one, not all women can have children. To ask women when they are going to have children is offensive and rude. Some women have endometriosis and fertility issues which mean that pregnancy isn’t always possible. Many w
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