Old movies that have left a lasting impression on modern culture

Once upon a time, you could only watch movies at the cinema and it was a magical experience. In 1906, the first-ever feature-length film entitled The Story of the Kelly Gang was released under the direction of Charles Tait. Compared to modern standards, the film most likely wouldn’t be as successful today, but it left a lasting impression on modern culture and the film industry itself. Throughout history, there have been many films that have just captivated audiences and completely transcended

Ancient Egypt in popular culture

No ancient culture draws more people in than ancient Egypt – clearly, other mediums agree! Almost everyone on the planet has heard of the ancient Egyptian civilisation and all the glory surrounding it. Ancient Egypt was the most prolific civilization in the Mediterranean world for almost 30 decades. During this fascinating period, a grand civilization just continued to expand. Of course, only the pharaohs and the wealthy side of ancient Egypt got to experience the truly spectacular and fantast

5 dead franchises we’d like to see return

The past few years have seen a huge amount of dead franchises come back to life with reboots, remakes and sequels to long-forgotten gems. There seems to be no stone left unturned when it comes to dormant franchises being revitalised. It’s a tricky topic when it comes to bringing back franchises as there is always a certain pressure to get it just right. Sadly, sometimes these franchises would’ve been better left alone such as the case with Paul Feig’s ‘Ghostbusters’ reboot. In a rare instance,

Why do movie adaptations of video games always flop?

Film and video games have had an interesting relationship, to say the least. Both mediums have experienced judgment for being new and unknown after being initially created. It’s famously known that one of the first films to be shown, The Arrival of a Train by the Lumière Brothers, comes with an urban legend that the film is believed to have sent the audience running away in fear. In the early years of cinema, many were still unsure of this new medium and judged it unfairly. Naturally, video gam

10 Cloverfield Lane (2016) Review

To celebrate the 5 year anniversary of 10 Cloverfield Lane, we take a look back at the film and see if it holds up today. It’s been over 5 years since the release of and the world still hasn’t quite recovered since it hit cinemas. As the directorial debut of and the spiritual sequel to the found footage film , the film was intended to be a stand-alone event. After jumping into production under Bad Robot, this soon changed. 10 Cloverfield Lane follows a woman named Michelle, played by , who end

Interview With Laurie Barraclough, Director of Hey, Ma

Award-winning writer and director Laurie Barraclough has an incredible talent for creating delicately tender and intimate stories focused on humanity. Whether it’s documentaries, music videos or short films, he never fails to deliver elegant and natural stories. Following the huge success of his second short film, , Barraclough returns to deliver another film called . The focus is on a girl, played by Eleanor Shaw, who ends up following an unknown woman, played by Emily Raymond, who she thinks

Life lessons learnt from Gilmore Girls

Focused on an awesome mother-daughter duo, Gilmore Girls is a show that has impacted so many. From it’s fast-paced dialogue to the heart-breaking moments, it’s a show that’ll life on forever. It’s amazing to think of all the incredible gifts the show gave us, so we had to narrow it down to five. Here are five life lessons learnt from Gilmore Girls. Sure, Rory has many romances throughout the show – but they don’t define her. Gilmore Girls is not about finding a soulmate, it’s about Rory realis

Life lessons learnt from Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Alongside the iconic fashion of Buffy Summers, the hit show taught many a lot more than you’d think. Of course, the show taught women how to kick ass, but also more sombre lessons. Here are 5 life lessons learnt from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. YOU ARE STRONG ENOUGH ALONE After Buffy and Angel break up, she worries that she’s not strong enough to face the horrors of the world. Buffy manages to face them as well as the newly ruthless Angel. It just goes go show that you are always strong enough

The Artist (2011) Review

10 years ago the world fell in love with silent picture The Artist - but how does it hold up in 2021? Directed by , stars and as George Valentin and Peppy Miller respectively. It follows the relationship between the two - one being an older silent movie star and the other being a young starlet on the verge of fame in the wake of the talkies. The Artist won five Academy awards, seven Baftas and six César awards . It pays homage to a vast amount of silent movies and stars. The lead character of

Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2021: 5 Films to Look Out For

’s annual Touring Film Programme showcases an exciting array of Japanese cinema. Streaming online for the first time ever between 19 February and 10 March 2021, its films will explore existence and belonging. The best thing about this tour is that it’s available to watch for free. You’d be a fool to miss out, and here are just a few of our recommendations. Directed by , follows a married woman who seems to lead the perfect life. She has a successful husband, a cute daughter and an amazing home

Dragon Rider (2021) Review

A heart-warming animation film that follows a young dragon on a quest to save his friends and family. Dragon Rider shows what happens when animals take matters into their own hands. Based on the best-selling book of the same name by author , tells the story of a dragon named Firedrake (voiced by ) who wants to try and save the older generation of dragons by finding a mythical safe haven called the Rim of Heaven. On his quest, Firedrake is joined by his friend Sorrel ( ) and meets an orphan nam

Bleeding Audio (2021) Review

Bleeding Audio connotes a dying song or a dying band, but that’s not true for The Matches. Directed by Chelsea Christer in her first feature length documentary, Bleeding Audio tells the real story of The Matches, their promising career, their break up and their reunion. It’s an intimate portrait that shows the ugly side of the music business and how tough it actually is, while highlighting the importance of a positive bond within the band. Christer makes an engaging documentary that explores th

The Empty Hands (2017) Review

Showing at the Focus Hong Kong Festival, The Empty Hands is a slow-paced drama that challenges a woman to step up after the death of her father while dealing with her unresolved issues. Directed by , follows an unlucky woman’s struggle to regain full ownership of her deceased father’s dojo while she reminisces about her turbulent relationship with him. It stars as Mari Hirakawa, a Japanese-Chinese slacker who thinks her luck is about to change, only for her father to challenge her one last time
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