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The fourth edition of IndieVisible magazine is now available to read online, free of charge. Check it out! Much like Daniels, we’re back after a bit of a hiatus - but unlike Daniels, we can’t necessarily promise a mind-blowing, reality-altering experience in this issue. What we can promise, though, is plenty of indie film goodness. By highlighting unique small-budget projects like Honk (p9), a charming documentary that tracks the friendship between filmmaker Cheryl Allison and a goose (yes, you

Tales From The Occult (2022) Review

Written and directed by , and , Tales From The Occult is a piece consisting of three short films about the hidden horrors in Hong Kong. This film is premiering in the UK at the Focus Hong Kong Making Waves Festival on Saturday 9 July... As previously mentioned, this film contains three different stories and starts with Wesley Hoi’s The Chink. In this segment, the film follows a pop singer named Yoyi Koo (played by ) who experiences frightful events in her newly renovated apartment. She has freq

Hand Rolled Cigarette (2020) Review

Chan Kin-long makes his directing debut with Hand Rolled Cigarette, which follows an ex-soldier turned triad wannabe who reluctantly protects a South Asian immigrant. revolves around Kwan Chiu (played by ) who leads a gritty noir film about an ex-soldier who gets caught up with gangsters. However, his real trouble arrives when he agrees to shelter a young South Asian thief called Mani (played by ) who steals cocaine from the same set of gangsters that Chiu also works with. Despite starting off

The First Girl I Loved (2021) Review

The First Girl I Loved follows two teenage best friends recalling their time together and their eventual romantic relationship, diving into the challenges and stigmas attached to queer relationships... Directed by and , The First Girl I Loved follows Lee Wing Nam (played by ) and Silvia Lee Sum Yuet (played by ) who both reminisce about their childhood and how a romance blossoms between them in an all-girls school in Hong Kong. Not long into the film, the challenges of a queer relationship are

Anita (2021) Review

Showing at Focus Hong Kong’s Making Waves film festival, Anita is a biography film depicting the life of the iconic Anita Mui from childhood until her untimely death at the age of 40. is a household name in Hong Kong and a true icon of the screen. Throughout her career, she was known as the ‘Madonna of the East’ and was a Hong Kong singer and actress remaining in the spotlight for 21 years. Co-writer and director decided it was time to pay homage to the legendary star with the biography film (2

Breakout Brothers (2020) Review

Directed by , Breakout Brothers follows three men as they try to escape from prison in a wild and wacky comedy. Not only was Breakout Brothers a box office success, but the film also spawned two sequels - Breakout Brothers 2 and Breakout Brothers 3... As opens up, there is a cool escape montage animation which really sets the tone for the film with its funky music and eye-catching visuals. Minute one brings a prison riot that is just pure chaos, with three men - Chang Ho Ching (played by ), Mak

Sheffield DocFest 2022: The Best Films To Watch

Once a year, documentary junkies gather together for the illustrious . Not only is this the UK’s leading documentary festival, but it also one of the world’s most influential markets for new and classic projects. Each year, DocFest champions the best in documentaries across film, television and art with exhibitions, film screenings, interviews and its own awards show. From the Thursday 23 June to the Tuesday 28 June 2022, documentary lovers will be given the chance to connect with the medium a

And I Miss You Like A Little Kid (2022) Review

Written and directed by Benjamin Hosking, And I Miss You Like A Kid is a psychological drama showcasing the spiralling relationship of two people in Covid-era Los Angeles. It’s safe to say that everyone struggled throughout the pandemic and in lockdowns, but none quite as much as Jason (played by ) in And I Miss You Like A Little Kid . At the start of the pandemic, he begins dating an enigmatic and beautiful woman named Clarissa (played by ), but the relationship soon begins to fall out of the

The Razing (2022) Review

A planned gathering between a group of estranged friends turns deadly after secrets are revealed and old wounds are reopened in The Razing. As the third film by directing duo and (Arcane & Erskine), follows a group of estranged friends who gather for a night of tradition. Yet when they reunite, it’s very apparent that these are not people who want to be together - and should definitely stay away from each other. Every single character in the friend group is, to put it lightly, weighed down by

Blink (2022) Review

Mary wakes up after being violently pushed from a window, only to find out that she is almost completely paralysed - only able to blink to communicate. Everyone’s worst nightmare is finally realised in film. As one of the first short films to come out of Screen Gems (Sony Pictures’ genre label) and Ground Control’s horror film lab Scream Gems, is a horror film that dives into one woman’s nightmare as she realises that she is paralysed - aside from being able to blink. The latest from , this is

Anastasia (1997) Review

Have you heard? There's a rumour that Anastasia is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year - so what better reason to dive into the animated classic? Once upon a time, was one of the chief animators at Disney known for working on beloved projects such as , and . He ended up resigning from the company and working with and at Fox Animation Studios later throughout his career. Bluth is an icon within the animation world and made some of the genre's most memorable films of all time. One of Blut

10 Cloverfield Lane (2016) Review

To celebrate the 5 year anniversary of 10 Cloverfield Lane, we take a look back at the film and see if it holds up today. It’s been over 5 years since the release of and the world still hasn’t quite recovered since it hit cinemas. As the directorial debut of and the spiritual sequel to the found footage film , the film was intended to be a stand-alone event. After jumping into production under Bad Robot, this soon changed. 10 Cloverfield Lane follows a woman named Michelle, played by , who end

Interview With Laurie Barraclough, Director of Hey, Ma

Award-winning writer and director Laurie Barraclough has an incredible talent for creating delicately tender and intimate stories focused on humanity. Whether it’s documentaries, music videos or short films, he never fails to deliver elegant and natural stories. Following the huge success of his second short film, , Barraclough returns to deliver another film called . The focus is on a girl, played by Eleanor Shaw, who ends up following an unknown woman, played by Emily Raymond, who she thinks

Life lessons learnt from Gilmore Girls

Focused on an awesome mother-daughter duo, Gilmore Girls is a show that has impacted so many. From it’s fast-paced dialogue to the heart-breaking moments, it’s a show that’ll life on forever. It’s amazing to think of all the incredible gifts the show gave us, so we had to narrow it down to five. Here are five life lessons learnt from Gilmore Girls. Sure, Rory has many romances throughout the show – but they don’t define her. Gilmore Girls is not about finding a soulmate, it’s about Rory realis

Life lessons learnt from Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Alongside the iconic fashion of Buffy Summers, the hit show taught many a lot more than you’d think. Of course, the show taught women how to kick ass, but also more sombre lessons. Here are 5 life lessons learnt from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. YOU ARE STRONG ENOUGH ALONE After Buffy and Angel break up, she worries that she’s not strong enough to face the horrors of the world. Buffy manages to face them as well as the newly ruthless Angel. It just goes go show that you are always strong enough

The Artist (2011) Review

10 years ago the world fell in love with silent picture The Artist - but how does it hold up in 2021? Directed by , stars and as George Valentin and Peppy Miller respectively. It follows the relationship between the two - one being an older silent movie star and the other being a young starlet on the verge of fame in the wake of the talkies. The Artist won five Academy awards, seven Baftas and six César awards . It pays homage to a vast amount of silent movies and stars. The lead character of

Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2021: 5 Films to Look Out For

’s annual Touring Film Programme showcases an exciting array of Japanese cinema. Streaming online for the first time ever between 19 February and 10 March 2021, its films will explore existence and belonging. The best thing about this tour is that it’s available to watch for free. You’d be a fool to miss out, and here are just a few of our recommendations. Directed by , follows a married woman who seems to lead the perfect life. She has a successful husband, a cute daughter and an amazing home
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