My name is Charlie Vogelsang and I am a journalist living in Nottingham.

I have been featured in over 20 publications, including DIVA Magazine, CoronaUnity, and The Steel City Standard. I am currently the Chief Writer for IndieVisible and Gamer Girl Magazine

My experience varies from blog writing to content writing. I am currently a content writer and manager at a Digital Marketing Company in Nottingham with a focus on the i-Gaming sector.

Throughout my career, I've created podcasts, magazines and been the editor-in-chief of a lifestyle brand with an online website and e-magazine.

Check out my portfolio pieces on the navigational bar, my online pdf portfolio, my linktree, or find me on social media to connect.

Some of my favourites from my Portfolio

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Are People Getting Bored Of Ancient Greece?

When people think of Ancient Greece, they think of the grandiose gods, the sophisticated sculptures, the amazing architecture and the important contributions they made to society. It’s no wonder that people throughout history have been fascinated with Ancient Greece. During the Renaissance, there was a cultural shift and a rebirth of ideas from Ancient Greece which led to a newfound love for the time period. Many artists paid homage to Ancient Greece with paintings and sculptures with masterpie

Exclusive: Slot Gods Meets Wazdan

Wazdan's Chief Commercial Officer, Andrzej Hyla, speaks to the team at Slot Gods Founded in 2010, Wazdan is a prominent iGaming company that creates a whole host of high-quality online slot games with stunning graphics and ingenious original mechanics. The player is always at the centre of everything that Wazdan do and they always ensure that the player is getting the best experience possible. For this months edition of the Slot Gods Meet series, we had the fortune of speaking with Chief Comme